Who are The Guardians Of The Galaxy?

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With Marvel’s amazing Guardians of The Galaxy film released, people are still asking themselves: who are these guys?

WARNING: the following origin stories are to do with comics, not films or television.  There may be re-imaginings of the heroes’ backstory. I have followed their original to most recent story. If you find some other version don’t bite my head off.

SPOILER ALERT: the following post contains information and twists in major events of the Guardians. If you would like to discover them for yourself do not read.

1. Star Lord.

star lord old

“Hi, Star Lord, of the Guardians of The Galaxy; I´d flash you my business card, but my hands are too full of guns”

Peter Jason Quill was born on a chilly winter’s night. His father took one look at him and decided to kill him. He believed that his wife had been seeing another man, as the child looked nothing like him. He marched the baby outside and tried to kill it with an axe, but died of a heart attack. He was raised by his mother, Meredith. One day, Peter returned home, bruised and injured after trying to stop two bullies. As he tended to his wounds in the kitchen, Meredith saw a bright light as a U.F.O descended upon their house. Two lizardmen exited and vowing to end the Spartoi bloodline killed Meredith with a single blast. Peter managed to escape the two aliens (who are revealed to be Badoon) and found a strange object in his mother’s closet, upon entering the house.

Thankfully, Peter was safe and well. His mother however, was  not. For the next years Peter trained as a NASA agent, desperate to find the aliens that killed his mother. When an alien entity approached the NASA space station Peter was on, it offered the mantle of the Star Lord to a worthy candidate. Peter ended up as the Star Lord, a superhuman being who could fly and had an element gun, which could shoot fire, air, water and earth.

Years later, Quills’ suit was completely re-modelled, as well as his gun (which shoots lasers) and his inability to fly. Peter met his actual father, Jason of the Spartax, a humanoid race with much higher endurance. As Jason was Emperor of the stars, Peter was a Star-Lord (or prince). Later, Peter was called to help the Nova Corps (space police) to defend the galaxy from the Annihilation Conquest. They were aided by Gamora the assassin, Drax the destroyer and Ronan the Accuser.  After the success of the Annihilation defence, Peter was called by Ronan to help build up the Kree (Ronan’s native race) defences.  A group called the Space Knights offered to help Peter, but later revealed to be evil.  They were the Phalanx, and wanted to conquer the Kree empire, via mind control techno-virus.

Peter decided to lead a commando team of Bug (cricket man), Mantis (telepath) Rocket Raccoon (see below) and Groot (see below Rocket Raccoon).  The team sneaked through Hala, when a fight between some of the remaining Annihilators and the rest of the Phalanx. The team were forced to retreat and Groot lost considerable Biomass, protecting them. Skip forwards, and Peter is leader of the anti-Phalanx resistence. The Phalanx leader is revealed to be Ultron (insane robot) who is enraged with the attempted  destruction of the Babel Spire (which creates energy from bodies) he tortures Peter who reveals nothing.  With the newly arrived help of Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, Nova, Quasar  and Adam Warlock, they defeat Ultron. Drax’s daughter is killed in the fight.

With the help of Russian dog telepath Cosmo, Peter establishes a base in Knowhere, (base in a time rift, allowing teleportation via bracelets) and with Gamora, Drax, Rocket and Groot founds the Guardians Of the Galaxy.

Peter Quill is a brave human being, who goes as far as nearly sacrificing himself for the good of his friends. He is very witty and cunning, and posses in-human agility and combat skills, as well as great marksmanship with his blasters. His  qualities make a born team leader. He is obsessed with protecting the Galaxy and will do anything to form a team which has included Adam Warlock and Quasar in the past. He has an open personality, though still regrets letting the Phalanx in. He has a very odd sense of humour, bordering on the unfunny (at points).

2. Rocket Raccoon 

rocket racoon

“There´s nothing like me, except me!”

Rocket Raccoon is an odd one.  He is the Guardian of the Keystone Quadrant, which is blocked off by a large Galactic wall. Rocket is the ranger of Halfworld, a planet of mentally ill humans, who have a sort of cult. He and his first mate Wal Russ pilot the Rakn Ruin and patrol Halfworld. One side of the planet is robots building a large ship, the other a paradise where animals have been manipulated to talk and think like humans, as well as wear clothes and walk bipedically. The planet is “governed” by Dyvyne and Judson Jakes, a mole and a lizard, who have toy making empires for the good of the insane humans.

Unfortunately both have armies, Lord  Dyvyne a legion of Chimps, and Jakes has homicidal clown toys (told you it was odd). When Blackjack O´Hare and his black rabbits kidnap Lylla (Rockets fiancée) and steal Gideon’s Bible (Beatles fans will get this) Rocket takes it back to save Halfworld and his girlfriend. He then finds out why the animals are here (see above) and with the help of a turtle named Pyko, return the humans to sanity and defeat Jakes and Dyvyne, before the remaining animals (including Rockets enemy O´Hare) board the newly crafted spaceship and leave.

Later on, Rocket meets Groot (see below) a huge tree who becomes his best friend, due to Rocket being able to understand what he’s actually saying. After the Phalanx, Annihilation and a disastrous mission, Groot and Rocket are tricked into returning to Halfworld. Here it turns out Rockets memories are all fake.  In reality Jakes and O´Hare had worked with Rocket as security for the Halfworld Asylum for the Criminally Insane. Dyvyne was actually a doctor, and the animals and clowns were created to calm the inmates. It is revealed Rocket wiped his own memory and exited Halfworld, as his mind was a psychic lock for the cell of a super-criminal Star-Thief.

Rocket is a tactical expert, with a large knowledge of bombs, engineering and firearms, his main weapon being a large machine gun/ rocket launcher. He is a rouge character, frequently seen in bars and bet-houses. He can be very rude and loud, blaming Peter for an invasion because “you woke me up today”  but he is hilarious and sometimes quite cute.

3. Groot.


“I am Groot”

My favourite Guardian of the list, Groot.

Groot first debuted in Tales to Astonish, as the Monarch of Planet X, who descended to Earth in tree-like form, and told the humans that he would imprison them and take them to Planet X for experimentation. Later, a scientist released a horde of termites on him, and he was killed. Uh, moving on…

Groot later appeared as Rocket’s best friend and bodyguard in Guardians of The Galaxy.  He was still from Planet X, but he was a Flora Colossus a talking tree of the Enobled-sap line. After Groot killed another sapling that was beating an animal to death, he was exiled by the Arbor Masters. An adult Groot was imprisoned with Rocket, and they made friends, Rocket the only thing able to understand him, as Groot’s vocal cords are so stiff it sounds as if he repeats “I am Groot.”

Groot is the kindest and most philosophical of the Guardians, being shocked by cruelty, which enrages him. He also hates mindless killing and sadism. He is incredibly smart, as Flora Colossi have eidetic memories and Groot has a tremendous grasp of quasi-dimensional super-positional engineering, as well as bulletproof skin, the ability to grow and regrow himself, as well as being able to  control other plants, or his own physical form, therefore he can turn his hands into blades, or grow in size altogether, or even use that power to heal himself from fatal wounds.

Groot aided the Guardians in the Phalanx conquest, sacrificing  himself twice to save them, but he grew back as a sapling. He is a current member of the Guardians, as well as a part-time bounty hunter.

4. Drax the Destroyer


You can never escape! You can never restrain me! For I am your destroyer!

Drax the destroyer used to be a saxophonist named Arthur Douglas. Whilst driving through the Mojave desert, Arthur and family were killed by Thanos’s ship. Drax was revived in a stronger, superhuman body by Kronos, with the sole purpose of killing Thanos. Unbeknownst to him, his daughter, was still alive, and an Avenger.

After a series of  unsuccessful attempts to kill Thanos, and a brief stay in the Micro-verse, Drax befriended a 10 year old named Cammi, but were both taken to an intergalactic prison called the Kyln. After the Anhilus, attacked the Kyln, Drax and Cammi were taken under the wing of Nova, who taught Drax better ways of fighting. During a battle against Thanos, Drax put his skills to the test and punched a hole through his heart.

Later on Drax was trapped in Kree space during the Phalanx conquest. After a brief tussle with a mind controlled Nova, Drax agreed to join Peter Quills rebel band.Unfortunately, Drax’s daughter was killed in the fight against Ultron. Drax agreed to join Peter’s Guardians, becoming close friends with Quasar, a friend of Moondragon (Drax’s daughter).  When it was discovered that there were a group of Skrulls (shape shifting aliens) in Knowhere, Drax killed everyone on the station temporarily to find the Skrulls (who revert to normal form when dead). He revealed he had journeyed to Knowhere’s Cortex, to try and find Cammi.

After the Guardians of the Galaxy briefly disbanded, Drax and his friend Quasar, tried to find Cammi. Instead they met someone who told them that Moondragon was alive. They met a man who killed them, in order to bring back Moondragon, and then brought them back to life.

Drax is a cold, unfeeling assassin, incredibly quick to temper and generally moody. He stands at 2 metres, and is extremely muscled, as well as covered in red tattoos. He is a dwi-theet martial arts expert, as well as superhumanly strong,  agile and able to track beings by scent and taste.

5. Gamora


” I am the deadliest woman in the Galaxy”

Gamora is the sole survivor of the Zen Whoberis race, a peaceful people, who were exterminated by the Universal Church of Truth. The Mad Titan Thanos, decided to salvage one of the Whoberis, and brought Gamora to his ship Sanctuary via time travel.  On board the Sanctuary he raised her and trained her to be a expert fighter, whilst altering her perception, so she would not recognise the evil of his deeds.  He was a strict father, but kind, going so far to treat her to Christmas celebrations and giving her gifts, as well as celebrating her birthday. He even kept the doll he gave Gamora when she was 5.

Whilst on a trip with Thanos, Gamora  decided to investigate a planet, though under explicit orders not to. She was ambushed by thugs, who beat her up, but were killed by Thanos. Gamora was restored and bionically implanted. She received better training, as well as a healing factor to rival that of Wolverine. Thanos planned to have  Gamora kill the leaders of the Univesral Church of Truth. She practiced by murdering their High Inquisitors. She and Adam Warlock, suceeded in killing Magus, head of the Church, and Gamora retuned to a overjoyed father. She told him of Adam, and was assigned his bodyguard, but was attacked by Drax the Destroyer, for information on Thanos. She escaped, but found out of Thanos’ true evil, and tried to kill him, but she was killed.

Her soul was absorbed into the Soul Gem, and her body was reincarnated by Adam Warlock. During the Annihilation Conquest, she joined with the Nova Corps, and helped them to plan attacks on the enemy. During the Phalanx invasion, Gamora and Drax were possesed by the Phalanx hive mind, and sent to kill Nova who they found on the base Knowhere. He defeated them, and ran away again, still fighting the Phalanx virus. At the Babel Spire, Gamora accidentally found the cure for the virus. Nova, Drax and Gamora were cured, but Gamora felt worthless without the virus, but was comforted by Nova.

Wanting to work for the greater good, Gamora joined the Guardians of the Galaxy. She was regarded with unease, due to her past, but was seen in a better light after risking her life for the Guardians. She braved intense heat to save the Guardians in a Dyson Sphere, which charred her from head to toe. This took a bit longer to heal.

Gamoras skills include enhanced speed, strenght, agility, and incredible use of a sword. She is sometimes shown with battle armour. Like Drax, she is green, and also cold, brittle and angry.

Pablo Lacalle Castillo, 12 years old.

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