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5. Bane, The Man who Broke The Bat.


“I wonder what will break first. Your spirit, or your body?”

Bane was born in the made up Caribbean Republic of Santa Prisca to father Edmund Dorrance aka King Snake, a notorious criminal Bane was born in the prison of Peña Dura, and despite his Russian accent in The Dark Knight Rises he is of Hispanic roots.

As a growing child Bane showed prodigious skill. He learned English, Spanish, Latin, Portuguese and Persian , as well as several fields of sciences, thanks to his eidetic memory, which makes him one of the smartest villains in the batman universe.

Bane built up extraordinary strength (in his adult years he can lift 15 tons, though mostly due to a drug) which allowed him to kill at age eight. His only friend was a bear named Osito. Bane was haunted by visions of a monstrous bat, which leads him to believe that he is fated to kill Batman. He discovered Batman’s secret identity in under a year, where all other villains had failed. Bane later met his father, who set a great parenting example by shooting him. Thankfully Bane was saved and returned to life.

Even though at first Bane seems to loathe Batman, they soon become a bit closer, with them forming a duo at one point, and Bane living at Wayne Manor. Bane does not kill Batman in the end due to his honour. Bane dislikes most of the villains in the Batman universe, and deems the Joker to be childish. He has threatened his death numerous times.

Bane is subject to Venom a chemical substance pumped to the brain which enhances strength and healing to almost superhuman levels. Bane became addicted, but went briefly mad after quitting. (The lesson is kids, don’t take drugs)

Due to his incredible strength, intelligence, code of honour and his ruthlessness to those that displease him, Bane had to make this list.

     4.  The Mad Hatter, Master Of The Mind.

mad hatter

“We´re all just letters on a page, I just thought you ought to know. We´re just script, rushed out to meet a deadline. We can never aspire to more than penny-dreadful melodrama.”

From the start, Jervis Tetch was never popular. Short, buck-toothed, large headed and with a English accent he had all the qualities which made him a supreme target for bullies, and the jeers of “the young ladies”, which resulted in Jervis developing schizophrenia, which became worse as he grew up, even using hypnotic suggestion to make a baseball team kill each other, under the (false) accusations of them assaulting his sister . An amazing scientist, he theorised that there was no such thing as free will, and that the mind could be controlled via chemicals and technology. His schizophrenia and madness now full blown, he began to believe himself a re-incarnation of Alice in Wonderlands  Mad Hatter.

Jervis soon began talking and dressing just like the Mad Hatter, and as his mind deteriorated even more, began to develop an obsession with hats, which he implanted with his newly created mind control chips. His mind finally snapped when he began to believe that Alice existed in real life, and kidnapped young girls to see if they were the books protagonist, murdering them when they were not. This attracted the attention of Batman, and The Mad Hatter was delighted, both at the prospect of controlling him, and acquiring his cowl as part of his hat collection.

The Mad Hatter uses mind controlled thugs to do his bidding, who usually wear Wonderland themed masks, such as rabbits. He likes to treat his enemies to a ridiculously  childlike tea party with him acting out the role of The Hatter and of the host, offering tea and cupcakes in his deranged fashion, then trapping his enemies in “Wonderland” via his mind chips. Batman is the only person to ever have escaped this. He also briefly joined the Wonderland Gang, a gang compromised of villains pretending to be characters from the book. (Sadly, no Alice.)

Jervis has had little fights with Batman, but his technology certainly is a great hindrance to the Dark Knight, as it is frequently used to try and enslave Gotham, both by Tetch and by Hugo Strange. The Mad Hatter is pathetic in hand to hand combat, but has an arsenal of gas guns, flying hats, guns and mind control chips at his disposal.

The Mad Hatter´s personality is that of a deranged, childlike, paranoid and obsessive madman, which naturally has lead to the Joker taking an interest in him, and forming a team once. He maintains no relation with the other villains, except for Ragdoll his only friend, who pushed him off a cliff, nearly killing him, which didn´t help much. He also used Scarecrow (see below) to do his bidding via mind chip.

3. Scarecrow, Lord of fear.


“There is nothing to fear, other than fear itself”

Time to let another deranged genius into the fray. Meet Dr Crane.

Crane is a man obsessed with fear and revenge, due to him being (as well) mercilessly bullied at school due to his superior intelligence and lanky body, as well as his bookishness and resemblance to Ichabod Crane from Sleepy Hollow.  He has an intense fear of bats, which leads to his hatred of Batman.  After a bout of particularly strong bullying, Crane completely flies off the handle, and at a school prom, dons what would be his trademark costume and fires on the crowd. In the ensuing chaos the bully is paralized and a cheerleader (who turned him down) are killed.

Crane got off free and became a psychiatrist in Arkham Asylum, where he conducted fear inducing experiments on his patients. He worked at Gotham University, specialising in phobias, until he was fired for injuring a child. He took this reasonably calmly, then returned the following night as Scarecrow and killed the people responsible for his dismissal.

Crane decided to adopt Scarecrow as his criminal name, and created a fear gas as his primary weapon, a gas which would make a person experience his deepest fears. Surprisingly, it affects everyone in the Batman Universe, except for Joker.  His modus operandi consisted of mostly frightening his enemies out of their minds, or using his gas to spread fear and chaos over a large area with the help of his crop duster.

Crane is revealed to be even more deranged, killing his grandmother as a teenager and speaking in rhymes to Batman. His weapons are usually his gas, pitchforks, scythes and sickles, as well as a Tommy gun. He is surprisingly good at martial arts, using his long body as an advantage, as well as proving oddly agile. He had a crow named Nightmare. His immunity to fear makes the Black Lanterns unable to attack him, and later becomes a Yellow Lantern.

2. Hush, a “doctor”


“I’m making chaos, mayhem and destruction on a level you can only dream about.”

Thomas Elliot was best friends with Bruce Wayne as a child, and unbeknownst to Bruce,they were  dark opposites of each other. Elliot, as most of the Dark Knight´s villains turn out to be a sociopath, and a incredibly smart boy, who tried to kill his parents to gain the family fortune, as every good son would do. Thankfully, Mrs Elliot was saved (Mr Elliot was killed instantly) , due to the skills of Thomas Wayne, father of Bruce. Elliot blamed his friend for this.

Elliot loved to play strategy games with Bruce, and always won. He hated his parents, his father an abusive drunk, his mother, could´t care less about him. (This is not an excuse to try and murder them).  He endured his mother for years, until to his delight she succumbed to cancer. He now had full access to the fortune.

Twisted by his greed , he  blamed Bruce  for his  “good fortune” after the deaths of the Wayne´s left Bruce in exactly the position that Elliot  had sought to create himself – a mentality that would one day fuel a clever  plot to destroy Bruce  altogether.

Elliot faked his own death at the hands of the Joker, Clayface(a mud-like meta morph) posing as his body, for Batman to kill the Joker . He then helped the Riddler, and mutated Killer Croc (a crocodile like man) and had him setting up ransom kidnappings for more money. He also employed the help of Catwoman and Poison Ivy. His name was given to him by Scarecrow (see above) who when singing “Hush little Baby” a song about a child who wants more, gave him the inspiration for the name. Hush adopted a bandaged face, and deep, soft voice as his persona, though does not use “noisy signatures”.

He also had plastic surgery to make himself look like Bruce, drove Joker out of town, and framed Alfred (Batman´s butler) for murder. He nearly killed Poison Ivy, tried to cut out Catwomans heart and tried to kill the Joker.

Hush is armed with scalpels and two guns which he is very good at using. He is also adept at  martial art. He has a horrendous reputation with his villain friends, having tried to kill half of them in fits of selfish rage and anger (e.g: trying to kill Poison Ivy after she refused to work for him) .

1. The Joker, Clown Prince of Crime


Madness is the emergency exit. You can just step outside, and close the door on all those dreadful things that happened. You can lock them away… forever.

Meet the most twisted villain of them all. Joker.

The Joker is a psychopath and sociopath, with anti-social personality disorder, a criminal who brutally and horribly kills his victims, usually in extremely dark and ironic forms, for his own personal amusement . He is responsible for the paralysis of Batgirl, and the death of the second Robin, who he beat with a crowbar.

Almost nothing is known of the Joker. He was a man named Jack, and a criminal named the Red Hood, who accidentally took a dive in a vat of chemicals, which dyed his hair green, lips red, and face and teeth a dazzling white. He became a criminal to support his pregnant wife.  He took up a flair for purple suits and pinstriped trousers as the Joker.  He is desperate to prove he can make someone like him, and has committed inhuman things to prove this.  He even convinced psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel (Harley Quinn) to become his sidekick and love interest.

He developed his own gas, which he is immune to, called Joker Venom, as it left a corpse smiling maniacally. He also shot Commissioner Gordon´s second wife in the head. He is utterly fascinated by Batman, who he says, makes him complete, and refuses to kill him, taking delight in making his life a misery.

He has incredibly good connections to the criminal world, usually associating with the rest of Batman´s villains, forging regular alliances with them, though he has a rocky relationship with Two Face and Scarecrow, who he beat with a chair after Dr Crane tried using his fear gas on him, which suggest that Joker has no fears as the gas had no affect.

He seems to have dual personality, being both a harmless clown and vicious killer. He is a sadist, and has a loud personality, staging mock circuses and fun fairs for the deaths of  his victims. He enjoys playing games with his adversary, leaving his calling card and (in the way of the Mad Hatter) throwing parties, and dressing Arkham´s inmates in clown freakish clown costumes.

He is armed with a arsenal of trick weapons. A 10.0000 voltage electric hand buzzer, flower which squirts acid, BANG! gun, normal gun. trick cane, several knives and Joker Venom gas bombs. He is shown to delight in pain, laughing hysterically when injured or beat up. He loves causing chaos, and has shown to be an adept fighter.

He is shown to have a modus operandi of mentally and physically torturing people in savage ways, such as killing family members or cutting said victims face off. He even slaps and belittles his “girlfriend” going so far as to even shooting her once, even though she forgave him. (Kids do not establish this kind of relationship. Ever.) He also wants Batman to either kill him (proving he can be forced over the edge) or like him.

Joker takes childlike delight in his schemes, dancing, pirouetting, singing and also talking in a friend-like way whilst committing atrocities never heard by man.

As a homicidal, psychopathic, ruthless, maniacal ,dangerous lunatic, extremely  manipulative,and  intelligent master criminal, and Batman´s most famous enemy, the Prince Of Crime is king of my list.

Pablo Lacalle Castillo 



    Un trabajo maravilloso, muy profundo. Tan buen inglés que casi no lo entiendo!! Enhorabuena Pablo, estoy muy orgullosa de ti. ¡¡Besos de tu abuela Cosco!!

  2. Yanire |

    Menudo articulón. Me ha costado bastante trabajo leerlo ☺️
    Tengo una pregunta para los bloguerillos y su súper mamá: Qué consejos dais a las familias españolas (que vivimos en España) y queremos que nuestro hijos sean bilingües. Además de ir a un colegio bilingüe ( Julia va a uno desde que tiene 18 meses ) pero me pregunto si es suficiente.

    Siento si es una pregunta algo personal y alejada del tema literario.
    Un abrazo cálido como siempre desde Lanzarote.

    • Miss McHaggis |

      ¡¡Buenos días cálidos para los afortunados!! Aquí muertos de frío. Desde luego si Julia va a un colegio bilingüe, lo “gordo” ya está hecho. De todas formas, yo te recomendaría que leyéseis libros en inglés en casa y que luego los escucháseis en el coche. Hay muchos libros para niños pequeños para los que también se venden CD dónde actores los leen (si te interesa y no encuentras dímelo y te busco cosas). Yo eso lo hacía cuando vivíamos en Madrid y ellos tenían 3 añitos. Les encantaba leerlos por las noches y luego escucharlos en el coche camino al cole. Van cogiendo el acento perfecto y van entrenando el oído. La gran ventaja es que cuando los niños son pequeños les encanta repetir las cosas que les gusta, así que podéis escuchar y releer los mismos libros hasta que se cansan y eso es, según mi experiencia, cuando ellos se han aprendido todo el vocabulario y han entendido perfectamente la trama.
      El ver películas en inglés también ayuda mucho, pero tienes que verlas tú con ella y asegurarte que va entendiendo bien. Las pelis de niños no son especialmente fáciles en el lenguaje, que es lo que mucha gente piensa, pero al igual que con los libros, las querrán ver una y otra vez hasta que las hayan “digerido” por completo.
      Lo bueno del inglés es que es el idioma más importante en películas y música para niños y jóvenes, así que si la acostumbras desde pequeña, luego no querrá ver pelis dobladas y leerá en inglés y eso es lo que le va a hacer la diferencia entre saber inglés muy bien y ser verdaderamente bilingüe (yo sé inglés muy bien pero no soy bilingüe, es una diferencia importante).
      Bueno Yanire, esto es mi experiencia, ¡¡espero que te sirva!! Y por supuesto, si tú descubres algún otro truqui, please share!
      ¡Besos a Julia y a ti! y mil gracias por ayudarnos a divulgar los libros y el amor por la lectura. Necesitamos mucho apoyo 🙂

  3. Yanire |

    Te agradezco tanto! Porque justo estamos en ese punto de no saber si es bueno leerle en inglés si no va a entender la historia. Y con los dibujos nos pasa que como ya casi se sabe los capítulos de memoria, si se los pongo en inglés me pide que lo cambie. Bueno, esto es algo que yo hacía mal, porque no me quedaba a verlos con ella. Nuestro papi habla inglés muy bien pero ella nos dice:”tú no hablas inglés, solo habla ingles Isabella” (que es su Profe inglesa)
    Hace cosas como mezclar los idiomas, por ejemplo los colores los dice en inglés “camisa blue”. Me has dado una gran idea con los cuentos en CD. Me pongo en Amazon ya mismo a buscar porque en nuestras librerías de la isla hay poca cosa en inglés. De hecho les pedí el del tigre en inglés y no me lo conseguían. Lo de escuchar cuentos en el coche con Pedro y el Lobo ha sido un hito en nuestros cortos viajes en coche (isla pequeña). A veces ni se quiere bajar del coche

    • Miss McHaggis |

      ¡No hay de qué! De dibujos animados, los de Pepa Pig y los de Maisy nos gustaban mucho, además no hablan demasiado así que es muy fácil para ellos ir haciéndose el oído.
      En cuanto a que mezcle los idiomas, no le des mucha importancia, luego ellos van diferenciando. Es verdad que los niños son esponjas y aprenden rápido, pero eso no quiere decir que sea sin esfuerzo. Si Julia está aprendiendo dos idiomas a la vez, lógicamente le costará un poquito más todo al principio, pero después ¡¡qué gran ventaja!! Yo desde luego pienso que merece la pena. Eso sí, los primeros años igual tiene un poco más de dificultades con la ortografía y esas cositas, pecata minuta!! Además ya sabes que cada vez descubren más beneficios del bilingüismo para el desarrollo cerebral de los niños. Eso y la música. Lo importante es que ella no se agobie, poquito a poquito y con constancia todo llega. Un saludo!

  4. YANIRE |

    Hola Patricia, he corregido alguna cosita gracias a tus consejos. Justo ayer vimos Peppa Pig y Henry, the happy monster en inglés y el hecho de estar con ella y parar y rebobinar cuando ella identifica alguna palabra y la repetimos en voz alta, y el hecho de que ya sepa de que va la historia es una ventaja.
    Julia aún tiene alguna dificultad en el habla, puede que se deba al bilingüismo. Aunque cada niño es un mundo.
    Julia esta Navidad pidió de regalo un piano. Viene con piezas clásicas incorporadas que utilizamos para practicar ballet. Y el resto nos dedicamos a aporrear las teclas, ¡pero ella le pone un arte! ¡Qué conciertos nos da!
    En esta intercambio “epistolar” 😉 estoy aprendiendo mucho. Música, lectura, expresión artística, idiomas,…Nosotras a lo que le damos duro es al deporte, pero estoy aprendiendo a enriquecer el tiempo de juego de Julia en otros ámbitos gracias al contacto con gente como ustedes.
    ¡Un abrazo! Aunque hoy no es cálido, que estamos a 16 graditos y eso para un canario es aire siberiano 🙁

  5. Cristina |

    He leído los comentarios y tenéis razón, porque a mi me pasa exactamente lo mismo con mi hija mayor Lucía, la peque también va al mismo colegio (tienen guardería así que me va de lujo) y he estado mirando…. y he visto el cuento “El soldadito de plomo / The Brave Tin Soldier” Colección Cuentos de Siempre Bilingües con CD interactivo. Classic Bilingual Stories collection with interactive CD en Amazon, y la verdad que me acuerdo de estos cuentos de siempre, que tienen la colección bilingüe… así que creo que me voy a hacer con la colección ya que tocan el tema del idioma como el tema de la música, que es lo que les estoy intentando inculcar, que amen la música… y no vamos mal… Espero que os haya podido ayudar un poquito!!!!
    Un beso!

  6. Yanire |

    Hola Cristina! Muchas gracias por la información. La verdad es que ni me he hecho con ninguno porque me cuesta encontrar algo claro en Amazon. Justo vi esa colección y estuve a punto de comprarla. Además pone para público entre 2-4 años así que será un lenguaje sencillo.

    Pues creo que me animo a comprarla. Gracias de nuevo!!


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