The Secret Garden

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The Secret Garden

Frances Hodgson Burnett

Recommended read: 9 years and older

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A story of friendship, a book full of secrets.

Jaime L.C.: ‘‘A great classic book about a girl, Mary Lenox, who lived in India with her parents, who did not care much for her. One day, they die of cholera and she has to move to live with her uncle, who does not even want to see her. A story full of mysteries, many plants and a boy who did not want to go outdoors for 10 years. A book for boys and girls that I would recommend.’’

Mary is a spoiled and moody child who is sent on a ship from India to Yorkshire to live with her uncle when her parents die. Mr Craven, her uncle, is a tormented widower, distant and reclusive, who shows no interest at all for her. But Mary´s lonely and gloomy life changes when she finds the key to a secret garden and meets Dickon, a very kind boy from the village who is an animal whisperer.

However, the garden is not the only secret kept at Misselthwaite Manor. What are the spooky noises that Mary hears at night? Is someone else living in the house? Accompany her through the corridors and forbidden chambers, but do be cautious and don´t let yourselves be caught by the very strict housekeeper.

Pablo L.C.: “A very good book featuring an orphan girl, a hypochondriac boy and a very cute robin. But there is more. Much more…it also includes a boy called Dickon who is great with animals, as we bloggers and editors are.”

Do not expect to find fights and monsters in this book, it is a story about small everyday things. The Secret Garden is where the magic happens, the miracle of people changing for the better. As the author says, it is up to ourselves to fill our lives with the good things around us so that there will be no room for anything nasty in us:

“Where you tend a rose, my lad,

A thistle cannot grow.”

Película Secret Garden

Georgina S.: “I really liked this book, but I found it a bit hard because it uses Yorkshire accents when the people speak and I have never read anything with Yorkshire accents before. The story is really good though and I would recommend this book to people who enjoy challenging classic books and are 10 years plus. The movie is great for all ages and it´s really cool.”

We have even managed to get a review from a character in one of the best known books ever, surely you are familiar with Matilda, by Roald Dahl, the brilliant little girl and book lover. Well, this is what she has to say about The Secret Garden:

Matilda Wormwood:” I liked The Secret Garden best of all. It was full of mystery. The mystery of the room behind the closed door and the mystery of the garden behind the big wall”.

This is the movie of the book, if you find it difficult to read, you can watch the film and enjoy the story. Georgina has seen it and she thinks it is very good. Click here to watch the official trailer.

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Did you know…?

These are Blinky and Ravioli, our bunnies. They would love to live in a garden like the one in the book. They are very cute although sometimesthey are a bit naughty, they also love their books, in fact, they devour them! We must be ever so careful as they have already nibbled on a few. Here they are whispering their own little secrets, they are so sweet!

Thanks to:

Our friend from school, Georgina, who is 12 years old and loves drawing, reading, sewing, and sports. She has a twin brother and comes from Australia.

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  1. Miss Glo |

    Nunca llegué a leer el libro (de pequeña no me gustaba mucho leer), pero me encantaba la película y me sabía de memoria la canción que le cantaban a Mary los niños que viajaban con ella en el barco.
    Antes o después lo leeré, porque la historia me parece fascinante y siempre quise tener un jardín como el que aparece en la película.


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