Fantastic Mr Fox

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Fantastic Mr Fox

Roald Dahl

Recommended age: as from 6 years old.

fantastic mr fox libro

Mr Fox lives on a hill in the wood, with Mrs Fox and their four Small Foxes. Every night, Mr Fox would go to one of the surrounding farms to get his dinner.

Mr FoxThe farmers were nasty men who went mad with rage because Mr Fox always outsmarted them. So, they would get out their guns, the shovels and the caterpillar tractors and determine themselves to kill Mr Fox, even it that means destroying the hill in the wood with all its other animals.

“All three of them were about as nasty and mean as any men you could meet” 

“Boggis and Bunce and Bean

One fat, one short, one lean.

These horrible crooks

So different in  looks

Where none the less equally mean”. 

Mr fox and chickensGonzalo Munné (8 years old): “I have just finished Fantastic Mr Fox and I have enjoyed it very much. It was very funny because the fox stole the food from the farmers and lived off them.”

But, as we have just said, Mr Fox is too smart for them…Yes, do not despair, although Mr Fox and family are surrounded by 108 men with sticks and guns, Mr Fox has a plan… However, he will need the help of his four little foxes to carry it out, and he is sure to get it because they are brave and resilient little ones!

“What fine children I have, he thought. They are starving to death and they haven´t had a drink for three days, but they are still undefeated.”

Daniel L.C. (11 years old): “This book is a very good book as the plot first of all is very interesting and gives good grounds for debate as to say “is it good to steal if you are hungry, or not?”. The family of Mr Fox is also very interesting because the four little children are so brave and desperate for food and surviving that they are willing to dig, even though they are starving just to save themselves and the familly from death of hunger.”

Mr Fox is very generous and he will also provide for Badger, Mole, Rabbit and Weasel and their wives and children.Baby fox

‘We shall simply take a little food here and there to keep us and our families alive. Right?’
‘I suppose we´ll have to’, said Badger.

‘If they want to be horrible, let them’, said Mr Fox. ‘We down here are decent peace-loving people.’

Jaime L.C. (11 years old): “This book is pretty good for little kids, it is quite interesting because the plot is about people being hunted down, but Roald Dahl makes it less scary by using irony. Just by reading the first few pages, you compare it to Robin Hood, except for Robin has a whole team of born rougs on his side but the guy on the picture above only has a bunch of starving, talking animals on his side.”

Mr Fox Movie

Pablo L.C (11 years old): “Fantastic Mr Fox is a witty and highly entertaining book. It differs from your usual namby-pamby Damsel in Distress, Brave Prince drivel, as the character is actually facing a huge and extremely dangerous problem, as he is starving and there are men with shotguns waiting for him outside. A truly wonderful novel, written in a FANTASTIC style.”

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This is the movie based on the book, the plot is quite different. We would recommend it for children over 8 years old as the little ones might find it a bit long, although it is a brilliant film:

Click here to watch the official trailer to this very cool and obviously fantastic movie, something of a Mission Impossible fox style!


Did you know…?

This cutie could very well the son of Badger, Mr Fox´ friend. He looks as cuddly as a soft toy!

Badgers are very timid animals. They also like to come out at night, so it is quite difficult to spot one. In fact, although we know there are many badgers in our neighbourhood, we haven´t managed to see any yet, we´ll keep looking…

And these two could very well be the son of Badger and one of the Small Foxes from the story, what do you think they are up to?

Baby fox and baby badger

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Gonzalo Munné,  who is 8 years old. He enjoys reading and playing with his friends. He has a 2 years old brother who sometimes no le deja hacer las cosas.

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