Charlotte’s Web

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Charlotte’s Web

E.B. White 

Recommended read: as from 6 years old

Charlotte's web libro

Today we bring you a classic for the whole family, but especially for animal lovers. A story of friendship and struggle for survival, without battles or blood, just using intelligence, companionship and words. A book about the power of words, and the importance of knowing how to choose them and when to use them.

Cute piggletPablo L.C.: “This book is very well written with extremely curious and funny characters like a sneaky rat and goofy and thick sheep. The main characters are a life loving piglet and a super smart spider who even knows Latin! A lovely book for the whole family.”

This is the story of a little weak pig, condemned to die for being a runt. Wilbur will need the help of all his friends to survive. First it’s Fern, the farmer’s daughter, who saves his life at birth, then Charlotte the spider, whose intelligence and fantastic plans will change the sad fate of Wilbur.

Charlotte's web peliGeorgina S.: “This is a fabulous classic and also a great movie. I loved Wilbur the pig because it is very cute and because in his adventures at the fair and the farm he gets into trouble and has many funny friends. I also love that a pig and a spider are friends! I think any child over six years of age will like this book as much as I liked it.”

Click here to see the official trailer for the film. It is excellent. You’ll see how funny the farm animals are. The horse makes me laugh, such a big fellow scared at the sight of the tiny spider!

Daniel L.C.: “This book is not my favorite because I prefer battles and war, but I would recommend it for children under eight years who like farm animals.”

Did you know …?

Gallina y polloAs last week we celebrated the European Day of Music, I would like share with you one of our favorite pieces: The Carnival of the Animals, by Camille Saint-Saens. The French composer describes animals through his music. Since none of the movements (a part of this musical suite) are dedicated to the pig, poor things, I have chosen another farm animal: the chicken! If you wonder how a symphonic chicken sounds like, click here.

And following our chicken theme, we have something special for you: a Limerick, a funny and slightly crazy poem of five lines. It was written by Jamie!

 There was an old chicken from Spain

who had an irregular pain.

It hurt on his head

and it wished it was dead

because of the rather odd pain.


To our friend from school Georgina  who is 12, likes to draw, read, sew and play sports. She has a twin brother and she is from Australia.

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