A Series of Unfortunate Events

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The Bad Beginning

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Lemony Snicket

Recommended age: as from 9 years

Bad Beginning 2

Dear friends,

Whilst we prepare to celebrate Halloween we would like to recommend this series of books to you, they seem gloomy enough for this celebration! Seriously, we have read them all – 13 altogether- and we just loved them!

It is quite a special story, a good reason for choosing it: special stories for special children like you. We figured you have had your share of fairy tales with very brave boys fighting dragons and girls in beautiful pink dresses being rescued…your grandma´s delight but not so much yours…not any more.

So here you have a collection for you to enjoy, the story of three orphan children, the Baudelaire siblings. Be prepared to dive in their lives of misfortune, suspense and sense of humor. As the author himself warns us, do think about it before you start reading, you are free to pick a more cheerful book.

“Dear reader,

In this short book alone, the three youngsters encounter a greedy and repulsive villain, itchy clothing, a disastrous fire, a plot to steal their fortune, and cold porridge for breakfast….

Jaime L.C.:These books are incredible, they contain a bit of action and lots of mystery and a bit of tragedy, I´d recommend it to readers who like mysterious fires, Italian food, assassinations and snakes. The best ones are from 1 to 7.”                                                                                                               

Una serie de desdichas dvdDaniel L.C.: “This book is an extremely good one which really attracted me because it is filled with a lot of mystery and suspicion, which makes you hang on to the book until the very last page. My favorite character is Klaus as he reminds me of my brother the book-worm who convinced me to read it!”

So, be brave and follow our advice, do read the books! you will love them.

We also recommend the DVD, starring Jim Carrey and many more super famous actors. This is the trailer of the movie.

Pablo L.C.: “The film is incredible, if you like a story with: Jim Carrey, an incredibly deadly viper and three unfortunate orphans. It has action, laughs and a very cute infant. A very good film.”

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Did you know…?

The author´s real name is Daniel Handler, an American writer who prefers to use a made up name to be part of the book, as Lemony Snicket is a character in this series. This is the reason why all the books are dedicated to Beatrice, Snicket´s true love and the mother of the Baudelaire children.

We hope you all have a blast celebrating Halloween, it is not really part of our culture neither here in England nor in Spain where we come from, but it is good fun and an excuse to meet up with friends and eat lots of sweets, even to get to know the neighbors! So we embrace it!

This is Jaime´s picture of Halloween, if you would like to share yours with us, send them over, we would love to see them! (missmchaggis@gmail.com), we can publish them in our facebook page.

Jaime Dibujo Halloween


  1. Anonymous |

    Muy bien chicos! Yo este no me lo he leido, pero con vuestra edad me encantaba ‘El mago de OZ’ por L. Frank Baum y ‘Historias de Terramar’ por Ursula K. Le Guin. Espero que continues leyiendo que os alludara mucho en el futuro y es uno de los mejores pasatiempos!!

  2. Aurora Pimentel |

    Buenísima web, no pude felicitaros el otro día (no dejaba poner mensajes). Se lo pasé a sobrinos e hijos de amigos. Muy bien lo de poner párrafos de libros en inglés y español, it helps young (and old)english students!


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